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Screenshot for Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Video
This two-part video, made available by the National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes, is presented in American Sign Language by Howard Rosenblum, a disabilities rights lawyer. The videos describe the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and how it applies to postsecondary education. The first video runs 32:56 minutes in length and describes...
Screenshot for XR Access
This website provides information about the XR Access Initiative, "a community committed to making virtual, augmented, and mixed reality (XR) accessible to people with disabilities." This initiative was launched by Cornell Tech and Verizon to ensure that the needs of people with disabilities are considered in the future of the aforementioned...
Screenshot for Computer/Electronics Accommodations Program
This website provides information about the Department of Defense Computer/Electronics Accommodations Program (CAP). CAP "... provides assistive technology and accommodations to support individuals with disabilities and wounded, ill, and injured service members throughout the Federal Government in accessing information and communication...
Screenshot for Is It Accessible? Questions to Ask
This webpage, from the National Center on Accessible Educational Materials, provides questions to ask about accessibility before selecting educating materials. Accessibility can be enhanced when materials and tools are procured that can be used by all learners to support their learning. The questions in this document can help users evaluate both...
Screenshot for Teach Access Study Away Silicon Valley
The Teach Access Study Away Silicon Valley program brings together students, faculty, and industry partners to explore the field of accessibility. Each day, students visit a different industry partner to gain an understanding of the work being done in each location, with the opportunity to engage in substantive conversations to advance their own...
Black and white image depicting two people working on laptops at a small cafe table
This brief guide from the Bello Collective provides podcasters with an array of information and tips to help make their content more accessible to listeners who are d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing through the use of transcripts. This guide includes explanations of the importance of providing free and accessible transcripts, and methods for creating...
Screenshot for Why Teach Accessibility?
This 2-page infographic provides reasons to teach accessibility to technology designers, engineers, and writers. This resource also defines accessibility, provides statistics related to the importance of accessibility, and tips for teaching accessibility.
Screenshot for 5 Podcast accessibility tips from the experts
This guide includes tips and insights from podcast hosts on the best ways to achieve accessibility in podcasts. Tips include providing transcripts and turning podcasts into a video format.
Screenshot for Accessibility Tips for a Better Zoom/Virtual Meeting Experience
Produced by the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Technology Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center, this tip sheet discusses ways in which to make Zoom or other Virtual Meetings more accessible for individuals who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. It covers accommodations for groups of various sizes, meetings involving all Deaf participants, as well as mixed...
Screenshot of the webpage
This guide from deaf digital marketer Meryl Evans covers different automatic captioning tools that can be used in real-time for making video calls accessible on different platforms. Evans provides guidelines for readability, caption placement, and synchronization of automatic captions, as well as tips to overcome other accessibility challenges. The...
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