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Screenshot for iAccessibility
This website provides information on "everything related to accessibility and Apple devices." The website is divided into the following categories: Accessibility Apps, Accessories, Videos & Podcasts, Resources, and Contact. The Accessibility Apps category includes information about and links to download accessibility apps for Apple products....
Screenshot for Teaching Accessibility: Fundamental Concepts & Skills
This resource was created by Teach Access and includes fundamental concepts and skills that are necessary for understanding and implementing inclusive design and for developing technology for people with disabilities. "The document was prepared at the request of numerous faculty, to guide the infusion of these topics into mainstream courses in...
Screenshot for Digital Accessibility Toolkit- What Education Leaders Need to Know
This digital accessibility toolkit was created by the Center on Technology and Disability at American Institutes for Research, in partnership with the Consortium for School Networking. The toolkit offers resources, tips, and information for state and district leaders on how to ensure that accessibility is part of the educational equation. This...
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Personalizing the Writing Experience The act of writing requires a wide range of mental and motor skills including executive functioning skills like planning, organizing, focusing and monitoring progress. While the writing process involves the universal steps of pre-writing, drafting, revising and editing, each person's approach to writing is...
Screenshot for Accessible Science Equipment
This resource, from the DO-IT (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology) website, is a list of products for making science activities more accessible to all students. Products include measuring devices, talking equipment, stirring and filling devices, non-slip mats, tactile image creation, magnifying devices, and more.
Screenshot for Creating Accessible PDFs
This tip sheet from the National Center for Accessible Media provides guidelines for creating accessible PDFs in both the source document and Adobe Acrobat. It covers topics like creating document structure, exporting, running accessibility checks, and images and alt text. A printable version of this tip sheet is also available.
Screenshot for Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation
Georgia Tech's Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation (CIDI) focuses on "the promotion of technological innovation and development of user-centered research, products, and services for individuals with disabilities." At the link above, readers can browse CIDI's Research portfolio, learn about upcoming trainings (under Education), and check out...
Screenshot for Accessibility Hub
Courtesy of Queen's University, located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Accessibility Hub invites users to be an "Access Ally." Some of the materials are specific to the campus, with accessibility tools for faculty, students, and visitors. However, the How-to Info tab contains a bevy of general tools. Here, readers will find resources for designing...