ADARA 2021 Virtual Conference

Culturally Responsive Services: Creating Meaningful Working Relationships by Dr. Alesia Allen:

Culturally-responsive approaches to teaching and providing services are important. In education, culturally responsive teachers can make learning experiences more personal and meaningful. Service providers that practice cultural humility allow for greater understanding and recognize each individual's unique cultural experiences. This will be further expanded by reviewing intersectionality concepts, reviewing multicultural orientation framework, and reviewing skills to practice cultural humility to provide better services.

Trauma Therapy in the Time of COVID-19 by Dr. Melissa Anderson:

COVID-19 has impacted everyone's life and has made an impact on the Deaf community. A shift has had to be made from in-person contact to working in a remote setting. Changing to a remote setting when providing clinical services has involved a paradigm change that includes both positive and negative challenges. This workshop will discuss the use of trauma therapy with Deaf trauma survivors and how that process has shifted from pre-COVID times to the present time.

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