Real Talk, Good Action: What Is Invisible Racism?

Often people understand the term “racism” and may be able to define it however when we look at the system, some don’t realize how invisible racism exists. Presenter Kyle Amber Clark will open the webinar defining the meaning of invisible racism. Following that brief presentation, Kyle Amber will share examples of what kinds of partnerships are useful to address invisible racism. To dismantle systemic and structural racism requires a collaborative approach involving various stakeholders on individual and group work on an organizational  level. Kyle Amber will have a conversation with others to discuss what the NAD is doing about invisible racism. Howard A. Rosenblum (NAD CEO) will join the panel to discuss the NAD Headquarters’ internal operations and what they’re doing to identify and address invisible racism; Melissa Draganac-Hawk (NAD Outgoing President) to share the NAD Board’s history of addressing racism and the 2020-2022 Priority “Dismantling Racism in the Deaf Community” priority; Jenny Buechner (NAD Incoming President) will join to highlight specific goals the NAD Board has to address racism and the NAD’s commitment.

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