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The world of disability is constantly evolving and innovating. It seems like every week there are stories about new policies, technologies, and accommodations. All of this means that it can be hard to keep up! However, by picking a handful of good news sources to subscribe to or keep up with, staying up-to-speed on disability news becomes much easier. Here, we’ve assembled some ‘recommended reading’ to help you stay informed and aware.

New York Times

You’re likely familiar with the New York Times, considering it’s one of the most popular newspapers and news sites in the United States. But did you know their website has a robust disability news section? The “Disabilities” topic contains articles and stories ranging from political and social news to personal stories and op-eds. Averaging 14 disability-related articles per month in 2022 thus far, the Times is a reliable source of fresh stories by and for the world of disability. The New York Times does require registering an account to view their articles online, but doing so is free.

The Guardian

Like the New York Times, The Guardian is a popular newspaper and news website that does a good job of covering disability news, averaging 22 disability-related articles peer month so far in 2022. Part of The Guardian’s “Society” category, their disability news section covers regional and global news and stories about policies, concerns, and improvement in the world of living with disabilities. The Guardian’s disability section also features cues to help readers find different subjects within disability quickly; for example, articles about art and entertainment have brown titles, while urgent or breaking news, including the ongoing “inequality reporting” features, have red titles. Like the Times, The Guardian requires an account to read most of their articles, but registration is free.

Disability Scoop

Disability Scoop is the largest new organization in the United States that is specifically geared toward news and stories about developmental disabilities. It can be a valuable resource for educators, therapists, even lawmakers and other news sites, as well as parents/caregivers and people with disabilities themselves. Disability Scoop is organized into several areas, including education, health, finances, and politics. There are also subjects for specific disabilities, such as autism, Down syndrome, and cerebral palsy. If one needs to find the most recent articles quickly, there is also a “Latest News” section, conveniently available via its own link in the top navigation menu. Readers get two free articles per month, and can subscribe to Disability Scoop’s newsletter for free via email, or on Facebook or Twitter. Full access to Disability Scoop does require a paid subscription, which is $5 per month.

Assistive Technology Blog

The aptly-named Assistive Technology Blog provides news and reviews on the latest equipment and software for people with disabilities. The blog, which has an overall warm and light-hearted tone, is written and maintained by Venkat Rao, who developed an interest in assistive technology as a graduate assistant. Rao covers a wide variety of disability needs, news, and events, and even art programs and DIY projects to make life with disabilities easier and richer. Assistive Technology Blog has seven main disability categories, as well as sections for its DIY, art, and awareness articles. There is also a link, “Work From Home”, which leads to a form that allows non-profits and small businesses to contact Rao directly and receive free advice and resources to support employees with disabilities who need or would prefer to work from home. Assistive Technology Blog does not require registration to view its articles, and readers can subscribe to the blog via email, and read posts via social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google Plus.

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