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Disability/Accessibility Organizations 

There are many great organizations that provide support and information about disability and accessibility issues.   The list below is not meant to be comprehensive but rather a jumping-off point.  Do you know of other organizations that should possibly be listed?  Please email us and let us know:


ADA National Network
The ADA National Network provides information as well as training on how to implement the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and  “assure equality of opportunity, full participation, independent living, and economic self-sufficiency for individuals with disabilities.”

American Association of People with Disabilities 
AAPD works with other disability organizations across the country to enforce and implement disability nondiscrimination laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Rehab Act.  It is the largest national nonprofit cross-disability member organization in the US. 

Vision Loss and Blindness

American Council of the Blind 
With a goal of supporting independence, equality of opportunity, and improved quality of life for those who are blind and visually impaired, this national organization provides a wealth of information and materials. 

American Foundation for the Blind 
An advocacy and research organization for the visually impaired the organization provides data, information on technology and support at a variety of levels. 

National Federation of the Blind 
The NFB is the largest membership organization of blind people in the US. They focus on areas related to advocacy, education, research, and  technology.  

Hearing Loss and Deafness 

National Association of the Deaf 
This US civil rights organization focuses on issues for deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders 
Part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) that supports research on deafness and communication disorders.

Intellectual & Development Disabilities

American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities 
AAIDD provides information and advocacy for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

National Autism Association
Founded in 2003 and run by parents, this nonprofit provides good information and materials on severe autism, regressive autism, autism safety, and a host of other related topics. 

The Arc
As the largest national organization advocating for, and with, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) the Arc supports full inclusion and helps provide access to information, advocacy and skills for those with I/DD. 

National Down Syndrome Society 
This Down Syndrome advocacy organization provides a plethora of information including a language guide.

Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities Association of America 
This association focuses on creating opportunities for success for all individuals affected by learning disabilities and reduce the incidence of learning disabilities in future generations.

Understood: Experts on Learning Disabilities
The goal of Understood, founded by a set of fifteen nonprofit organizations, is to help the parents of children who struggle with learning and attention issues. 

Neurological Disorders

Cerebral Palsy Group 
Offers resources and information on Cerebral Palsy for families and those diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Epilepsy Foundation 
The foundation provides resources and support for those living with epilepsy as well as their family. They also provide information and research on epilepsy, types of seizures and their triggers. 

National Multiple Sclerosis Society 
With a goal to create  “a world free of MS,” this organization provides research as well as support for those with Multiple Sclerosis.

United Spinal Association 
Advocacy and research are two primary areas of focus for the United Spinal Association.