17th International Conference on Cochlear Implants & Other Implantable Technologies

(4 days)

The international conference will foster the exchange of multi-disciplinary scientific information applicable to audiologists, physicians, speech pathologists, psychologists, scientists, engineers, educators, students, advocates, and others involved in cochlear and other implantation technology globally. The conference will provide attendees with opportunities to engage with fellow professionals exploring current and emerging topics for cochlear and other implant device patients across the lifespan.

Anticipated Themes and Topics:

  • Successful Pathways to Cochlear Implantation: A Global Perspective
  • CI in SSD for Adults and Children: Candidacy, Provision, Outcomes
  • Socio-emotional Health in Cochlear Implant Users
  • CI Provision at Both Ends of the Age Spectrum: Under 6 months and over 90
  • Optimized Models for Cochlear Implant Workflow
  • Listening Impacts on Literacy and Learning in Children with Cochlear Implants
  • Effects of the COVID Pandemic on Cochlear Implant Outcomes



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