How to Be a Better Ally, With Disability Advocate Alice Wong

On The Upgrade, a podcast from Lifehacker, co-hosts Alice Bradley and Jordan Calhoun and their guests give listeners how-to guides on "the stuff that matters." On this episode, the duo and guest Alice Wong discuss an incredibly important topic: disability rights and allyship. Readers will likely recognize Alice Wong from the Disability Visibility Project, a fantastic resource included in the 05-29-2020 Best of the Scout Report issue. In addition to directing the Disability Visibility Project, Wong is an author, activist, and consultant. Here, Wong shares how able-bodied individuals can recognize their privilege and show up for people with disabilities. Additionally, the conversation focuses on COVID-19's influence on disability rights. A universal takeaway from the episode is that accessibility does not only benefit disabled people; it benefits everyone. Check out the link above to read some key quotes, listen to the embedded audio, and find links to other various places to tune in (Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and NPR One).

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