May 2022


19th Annual John Slatin Access Conference

(5 days) St. Edward's University3001 S Congress AveAustinTX78704

Knowbility is introducing a new conference model for AccessU 2022 that blends asynchronous learning with live events. This approach acknowledges that in-person events have innate barriers and that not everyone can travel or they may learn differently. It provides us the opportunity to reach new audiences all around the world in a robust and engaging way. Because inclusion is at the heart of all our work, it is important to us that everyone has access to best in class resources and training in accessible digital design.

Identifying and Implementing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Strategies to Promote Awareness

Join the Disability Employment Technical Assistance Center (DETAC) along with the Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD), the Center for Leadership in Disability at Georgia State University, and the Washington Initiative for Supported Employment [(WISE)] to learn about resources and tips for a focused approach to building and implementing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) to promote cultural humility and responsiveness. As grantees, supporting people from marginalized and underserved populations can be challenging when not having the right tools, especially when resources are scarce. Yet, there is a high need for cultural awareness and support when providing employment planning services. This webinar will help participants understand how to apply the resources shared and will further guide audience members to think through the next steps in implementing some of the strategies presented during the presentation.

National Mental Health Awareness Celebration with Keynote Speaker Dior Vargas

Disability Rights Iowa is honored to host in partnership with over 15 Co-Sponsors, its first Annual Hybrid Event Celebrating National Mental Health Awareness Month. 

This event will be recorded and posted on our Youtube account following the completion of the event for anyone interested in participating who cannot attend during the allotted time.

ADA Litigation and Digital Accessibility

When the ADA was enacted in 1990, the internet had not yet become such an important part of people’s lives, including the lives of people with disabilities. Now that the internet is such an integral tool for businesses, employers and governmental entities, courts have been grappling with how the ADA applies to websites and other digital information. This issue has become even more acute as a result of [the] pandemic, and people with disabilities are using online services more than ever. This webinar will review the different legal theories courts have applied for the ADA and the internet, discuss the most recent case law analyzing this issue, and provide updates on positions taken by the Department of Justice. Don’t miss this session so that you’ll be up to date on the latest legal developments related to the ADA and digital accessibility.

Teach Access Panel on the Accessibility Skills Hiring Toolkit

Join Teach Access for a panel discussion focused around the Accessibility Skills Hiring Toolkit. The goal of the panel is to provide a compelling story of how building accessibility skills into your hiring process benefits: 1. Companies and higher education by ensuring candidates have accessibility knowledge and skills at the time of hiring. 2. The disability community by demonstrating the value of and commitment to accessibility at your company.

Accessible Data Visualization: Addressing Barriers and Implementing Section 508 Solutions

In the Digital Age, data visualizations have become more commonly developed to represent large data sets through graphics, charts, and other visuals. Federal agencies have used them to show patterns, trends, and outliers of data to inform members of the public, policy makers, and first responders. This session will introduce the concept, development, tools, and benefits of data visualizations, including making them accessible. Presenters from the U.S. Department of Education, the Center for Disease Control, and the U.S. Census will discuss how their respective agencies use data visualizations to meet their missions. Presenters will also review some barriers, solutions, and implications to making accessible data visualizations. This session is intended for entry-level to intermediate audiences, but all are welcome to join. This webinar will include video remote interpreting (VRI) and real-time captioning. Questions can be submitted in advance of the session or can be posed during the live webinar.

Building Mental Health-Friendly Workplaces

Tune in to learn about the U.S. Department of Labor’s commitment to promoting mental health-friendly workplaces and ensuring America’s workers can access the equitable and inclusive mental health services they need. Featuring insightful dialogues and knowledge sharing, the event will explore mental health parity, the role of the workplace in addressing the nation’s mental health crisis and strategies for fostering work environments that support workers with mental health conditions.

How to Reframe Deaf Culture and Deaf History

Deafness is a journey; whether it be by birth or a medical incident or some other reason, our deafness brings community members together in various ways. Racism, however, has long endured in our deaf community; cultures and histories have long been lost and/or looted by the members within. We need to be able to clearly explain the past, to understand the implications of history, and of the reasons why this matters in our culture. This is a sensitive, significant subject to discuss and the audience is expected to take this into consideration. The NAD Deaf Culture and History Section (DCHS) appreciates the time, as well as the education, the panelists are sharing with us all.

Veterans Career Live: Take Your Resume from Bunker to Boardroom

What is the modern resume? Or more importantly, how does the modern resume compare to the traditional resume? The differences are certainly there, and they focus primarily on telling a career narrative and keyword optimization. So how do veterans, military spouses and caregivers present their careers in a way that is understandable to employers? Join presenters for a resume writing workshop to learn how to create and edit a resume to entice employers and land interviews.

The ADA and Employment: Your Questions Answered

This webinar has been designed with you in mind, the Employment Service Professional who supports job seekers and current employees with disabilities in the workplace. How can fine tuning your knowledge of the ADA enhance your efforts to partner with employers? Join Jeffrey Tamburo and Wendy Strobel Gower to learn more about practical application of the principles of the employment provisions of the ADA and how best to talk to employers about including people with disabilities in their workforce.

Learn How Assistive Listening Systems Can Help Your Deaf Students

The National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes (NDC) is hosting a two-part webinar with Dr. Sarah Sparks on May 26 at 1:00pm CT designed to help strengthen your understanding of assistive listening systems. Dr. Sparks will give an introductory presentation where participants will learn the fundamentals of assistive listening devices and gain the knowledge essential to making informed decisions about accommodation options for deaf students. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A and facilitated discussion to answer additional questions from participants.