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Advocating for Student Skills


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The first in AccessATE and DeafTEC’s “ACE It!” tip sheet series, Advocating for Students, discusses the importance of being a good advocate for your students with disabilities when working with industry partners and employers. Below we will expand on how to promote the good work of your students, via routes such as writing a solid referral, or talking to potential employers to give them a deeper understanding of the student’s skill set.

Tip Sheet: Advocate for the Student

It can be difficult to decide which of your student’s skills to focus on in your discussions with employers. We’ve all been in the position of not knowing how to describe ourselves in a job interview, and it can be even harder to do so for someone else!

No matter the field, most of us split job skills into categories, with a common distinction being hard skills vs soft skills. Hard skills, of course, are technical skills; specific knowledge likely learned in class or in previous jobs. Welding, process automation, coding, data analysis, and benchwork are all examples of hard skills. Soft skills, on the other hand, have more to do with the student’s ability to work with others, manage their time, adapt to...

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Screenshot for Creating Accessible PDFs
This tip sheet from the National Center for Accessible Media provides guidelines for creating accessible PDFs in both the source document and Adobe Acrobat. It covers topics like creating document structure, exporting, running accessibility checks, and images and alt text. A printable version of this tip sheet is also available.
Screenshot for Creating Accessible Websites
This tip sheet, created by the National Center for Accessible Media, provides guidelines for creating accessible websites. It covers the topics of headings, descriptive link text and button labels, image descriptions, colors and more. The tip sheet also offers links to additional resources for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, and color...
Screenshot for Accessibility Developer Guide
Based on the World Wide Web Consortium's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, this toolkit ensures developers are creating accessible online content. This toolkit includes five sections. From the Introduction section, users will learn how to use the guide and find background information on the guide's creators, Access for all and the Accessibility...
Screenshot for The 411 on Disability Disclosure
This workbook, from the National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability for Youth (NCWD/Youth), is intended for those wanting to learn more about disability disclosure and are interested in supporting youth with disabilities. "Each unit contains a general statement of purpose, useful terminology, a discussion section, and activities to allow you...
Screenshot for Downloadable Disability Access Symbols
This website from the Graphic Artists Guild provides disability access symbols. These symbols are intended for users to advertise "... accessibility to employees, customers, audiences, and anyone else who needs access to [their] building or offices. Examples of places to promote accessibility include advertisements, newsletters, conference and...


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