Supporting Accessibility for Advanced Technological Education


Supporting Remote Work for Employees with Disabilities


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The second of three tip sheets in the “ACE It!” series from AccessATE and DeafTEC discusses facilitating good communication for students with disabilities as they join the workforce. An important, closely-related topic is how to talk about issues for new employees or interns who may need to work remotely.

Supporting employees with disabilities who work remotely has been put to the test during the pandemic, as a significant number of people moved to working from home over the last year. One positive outcome of this has been that it has become evident that supporting remote work for those with disabilities is not as difficult, expensive, or inconvenient as some may have thought. Below we will discuss methods for supporting employees and interns with disabilities when they are working remotely.

Tip Sheet: Communicate with Employees with Disabilities

It’s important to note that much of what employers do to support workers with disabilities in the office also applies to supporting them remotely. Open discussions are critical and asking new employees and interns what works for them is a cornerstone to successful support, whether remote or in person. But there are many ideas and...

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Screenshot for Accessibility Hub
Courtesy of Queen's University, located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Accessibility Hub invites users to be an "Access Ally." Some of the materials are specific to the campus, with accessibility tools for faculty, students, and visitors. However, the How-to Info tab contains a bevy of general tools. Here, readers will find resources for designing...
Screenshot for Web Axe
"What is web accessibility?" Find an answer, along with plenty of tips and tools to cultivate the practice, on Web Axe. Formerly a podcast and blog, and now focused on the latter initiative, Web Axe is a great resource for anyone responsible for creating online content. Unfortunately, web accessibility has actually decreased in recent times, so it...
Screenshot for Color Oracle
Color Oracle is an easy-to-use app that ensures a user's content is accessible to individuals with color vision impairments. In other words, the app assists creators in making "graphical work [that] is readable by the widest possible audience." The free simulator is compatible with macOS, Windows, and Linux. The Usage tab demonstrates how the...
Screenshot for Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation
Georgia Tech's Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation (CIDI) focuses on "the promotion of technological innovation and development of user-centered research, products, and services for individuals with disabilities." At the link above, readers can browse CIDI's Research portfolio, learn about upcoming trainings (under Education), and check out...
Screenshot for Creating Accessible PDFs
This tip sheet from the National Center for Accessible Media provides guidelines for creating accessible PDFs in both the source document and Adobe Acrobat. It covers topics like creating document structure, exporting, running accessibility checks, and images and alt text. A printable version of this tip sheet is also available.


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