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Assistive Technologies for Blind & Low Vision Employees


A blind worker listens to a speech synthesizer on her laptop via headphones

In our recent tip sheet from AccessATE and DeafTEC, we discussed accommodation and safety recommendations for employees who are blind or have low vision. The tip sheet briefly mentions that possible accommodations for blind/low vision workers are assistive technologies. Here, we’ll dive further into what some of those options are, and how they might be used.

Tip Sheet: Workplace Accommodations & Safety for Blind & Low Vision Employees

Many people are at least somewhat familiar with service dogs and canes for blind/low vision people, both of which are a type of mobility aid. Service dogs are trained to assist with specific tasks, such as guidance, locating and obtaining objects, alerting to obstacles and emergencies, and more. Service dogs are allowed anywhere the public is allowed, in accordance with the ADA. Some blind/low vision people learn to use a cane, which they tap or sweep along the ground in front of them to identify information like distance, texture, size, obstacles, and more. If a blind/low vision employee uses a cane, coworkers should be aware that the employee will need a little extra space around them to best utilize it. Another type of mobility aid is ...

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The Institute for Veterans & Military Families at Syracuse University provides the Onward to Opportunity (O2O) service. O2O is a free career training program for transitioning service members, veterans, and military spouses. Professional certification and employee support services are offered. This program "combines industry-validated curricula,...
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This website is intended to provide support and services to active duty, retired, and discharged military members. Some services are also provided for family members, extended family, and military recruits. Military OneSource offers tax services, spouse employment help, webinars and online training, relocation and deployment tools, and more....
Screenshot for Workplace Communication & Safety for Physical Disabilities
This tip sheet, provided by DeafTEC at the Rochester Institute of Technology, discusses workplace communication and safety for employees with physical disabilities. The guidelines offered cover topics such as engaging in respectful and accessible communication, and how to ensure the safety of people with physical disabilities through preparedness...
Screenshot for Workplace Accommodations for Physical Disabilities
This tip sheet, provided by DeafTEC at the Rochester Institute of Technology, provides guidelines for creating workplace accommodations for individuals with physical disabilities. In particular, the tips focus on making the workplace, workspace, and technology accessible. The tip sheet also offers links to additional resources on accommodations in...
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This webpage, from the Learn How to Become website, includes resources that are intended to help veterans transition from military to college life. The webpage includes a list of topics that are covered. Topics include transition from service to school, healthcare help, insurance, help with college expenses, mental health help, and more. Each...


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